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I made this online tool free for everyone to use and there is no registration required. However, if you register and log in, you will be able to track and view previous rank searches.


So what do you mean by it is Non-Personalized? Well if you do not know, Google uses your past search history, location, and browser information as an indicator to determine what to display to you on searches in the future. We use Youtube's latest official API for ranking results, which does not take into account any past searches so the returned ranking is unbiased.


We made this tool as simple to use as possible. Just enter in the YouTube Video URL, the keyword you are searching for, and finally the max number of results you want to check the YouTube video rank position for. No sign up required.



First, enter the YouTube video URL that you want to identify the YouTube rank for in the Video URL field.


Second, enter the search term that you want to search YouTube for in the Keyword field. This keyword's video results will be searched to find the Video URL you specified prior.


Third, select the amount of results you want Youtube Rank Tracker to search through to find a match. For example, Top 50 Results equates to the first 3 pages of search results on YouTube.


Finally, after filling out the fields above click Search, and YouTube Rank Tracker will display a notification box with its findings.